Hameau Farm in the Big Valley

Hameau Farm in the Big Valley


Belleville, PA

Ages: 8-14

Hameau Farm is more than just a camp. Hameau Farm provides purpose. A grass-based working dairy farm is the main ingredient in a recipe for an off the charts summer! The working women of the farm, our herd of registered Ayrshire cows, soon make all feel at home. And chores--feeding calves, gathering eggs, taking care of the sheep, pigs and goats--are warmly anticipated. Additional activities--arts, sciences, yoga, hip hop, all staff-inspired, different yearly and unique--are offered in the afternoons and evenings. Community created. Compassion heightened. Connections made. Confidence soars. Everything one wants for their daughter. In the past 23 seasons participants have discovered their passion. And agriculture benefits. Hameau Farm is changing the face of agriculture, one camper at a time...

'the experience will mooove you!'

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Programs: Girls Residential
Type: Traditional

Social Mediahttps://www.instagram.com/hameaufarm  

Audrey Gay Rodgers
6364 SR 655 Belleville, PA 17004

Phone: (717) 667-3731