Quadrat Summer Camps

Quadrat Summer Camps



Ages: 9-14

Quadrat camps for teens, ages 9-14, are focused on developing future entrepreneurs, explores and innovators. Our programs are based on the foundations of experiential learning and STEM education, designed to build creativity, confidence, and thinking outside the box. This summer we will offer four camps: 

1. Outdoor Experiential Camp: Experience the great outdoors, learn to respect the environment around us and see what nature has to offer!

2. Photography Camp: Develop your photographic-eye, and learn to see the world through the lens.

3. Startup Camp: Immerse yourself into the world of creativity, trial and error, and real-life experience. Do you have what it takes?

4. Inventor Camp: Make your idea a reality! Dream it, design it and build it at our Innovation Lab.

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Programs: Coed Residential
Type: Traditional, Adventure, Academic/Cultural, Sports, Teen Travel


Svetlana Tikhonov
922 East Moyamensing Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19147

Summer Address:
The Yard, 21 South 11th street, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Phone: (443) 825-1234
Summer Phone: (267) 997-7744