The Movement Laboratory

The Movement Laboratory



Ages: 5 -17

The Movement Laboratory is proud to present our Ninja Warrior and Parkour Summer Camps!

Ninja Warrior Camps: This camp will allow fans of NBC's American Ninja Warrior to experience many of the same obstacles that are featured on the show! Participants will also run various courses and take part in different Obstacle Challenges

Parkour Camps: This camp will allow students to explore the sport known as Parkour. This is a sport that specializes in coordination and jumping abilities. We will also be working on many different kinds of Parkour Skills like Vaults, Precisions, Flips and much more!

Ninja Warrior and Parkour Camps: This camp is the best of both worlds! This camp will allow students to participate in our American Ninja Warrior Experience and our Parkour Lessons. This camp will also involve course with both Ninja Obstacles and Parkour Skills!

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Programs: Coed Day
Type: Sports


Jeremy Sullivan
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